Dealing with Pet Hair on Furniture

Dealing with pet hair isn’t just a carpet concern; our furniture often bears the brunt of it too. Here are some simple tips to keep your couches, chairs, and other upholstery fur-free.

1. Lint Rollers or Tape: Just like with carpets, lint rollers or wide sticky tape are fantastic for tackling pet hair on furniture. Roll or wrap the tape around your hand and gently press it onto your upholstery. The hair sticks to the adhesive surface, leaving your furniture looking cleaner in minutes.

2. Vacuum with Upholstery Attachment: Most vacuum cleaners come with upholstery attachments designed to remove pet hair efficiently. Use these attachments to vacuum your furniture regularly. Make sure to get into crevices and seams where pet hair often hides.

3. Rubber Gloves or Sponges: Ordinary rubber gloves or sponges can work wonders on furniture. Dampen them slightly and rub them over the upholstery in a sweeping motion. The rubber’s static charge will attract and collect the pet hair, making it easy to dispose of.

4. Fabric Softener Solution: Create a simple cleaning solution by mixing water and a bit of liquid fabric softener. Dab a cloth or sponge into the solution (make sure it’s not too wet) and wipe down your furniture. The fabric softener helps loosen the pet hair, making it easier to remove.

5. Regular Washing: If your furniture covers are removable and machine washable, consider washing them regularly. Use a pet-friendly detergent, and you’ll have fresh, hair-free covers in no time.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to keeping your furniture pet hair-free. Regularly applying these methods, along with getting your upholstery professionally cleaned will help you maintain a clean and comfy space for both you and your four-legged friend.